Search Guide

OBJECTIVE: To make your search as easy as possible - AND SAVE YOU TIME, giving you the opportunity to narrow your search as much as possible and to target exactly what you are looking for. Use the "Filter Your Search" button in our catalog to check off one or more of the search criteria to enhance and more narrowly define your search results by targeting exactly what you are searching for.

You can search paintings by category (like abstract), and classification (like canvas works), by type (like modern/traditional), by size (small/medium/large), by frame colour, and even by keyword. You can even search our frame inventory – and Sculptures (under classification).


Picture size

Sizing is always measured Height X Width and is the outside dimension of the item, be it framed or unframed.


Unframed pieces do appear on the website and prices refer to the artwork only. When selecting an unframed piece, you will be prompted to select a frame that fits the piece….which is optional….you may take the piece unframed if you prefer.

Note: Images that are framed and under glass such as works on paper may have the glass removed by us for your convenience for a minimal charge.

Related Pieces

Images that appear in the catalogue with an asterisk beside them indicate when something has a related piece or is part of a series. Related pieces are similar in subject matter, size, frame colour and style. When you click an item on the website accompanied by an asterisk all of their related pieces will appear.

Classifications Include:


Antique refers to items that are over 100 years old. Many of our original works on canvas and paper fall into this category.

Works on Canvas

Works on canvas include antique oil paintings, many in their original or period style frames, as well as contemporary paintings and Giclée limited editions. All works on canvas are framed without glass.

Original Works on Paper

Original works on paper consist of watercolour and oil on paper. In order to preserve the paper all works of art in this category are protected under glass.

Framed Objects

Framed objects consist of found objects either enclosed within a frame or that stand alone. Such pieces include sports memorabilia, architectural moulds, insects and American flags.

Limited Edition

Limited edition indicates the piece has been signed and numbered by the artist. Many of our abstracts have been signed on the diagonal, allowing them to be hung in either portrait or landscape format.

40’s - 50’s

40’s and 50’s art refers to antique or period style frames with contemporary cleared art as the subject matter. Sets requiring mid-century décor can now have a larger selection from which to choose.


Our mirrors come in various sizes and styles with either bevelled or regular mirror.

Photo Reproduction

Photo reproductions are prints of various subjects, usually photographs, which are inexpensively framed.

Prints and Posters

Prints and posters again are of various subjects which are inexpensively framed.

Shopping Cart

To send a desired item to the shopping cart simply press the shopping cart icon at the top right of the page. Once your order is complete you have the option to email or call with stock numbers. We will also be more than pleased to see you in person; for your convenience you can print the contents of your shopping cart.

Note: If you wish to continue your order at a later date, click the Save Shopping Cart button and the items in your shopping cart will be saved for a period of 45 days. For your convenience a Retrieve Shopping Cart button will allow your saved order to reappear.

Rental Fee for short term rental is 20 % of the retail cost of each item shown on the website, plus applicable taxes. Long term rental (longer than 2 weeks) is 40%.