Search Criteria Tips
  1. Alphabetical order is shown down each column in Category & Classification
  2. If you want vertical landscapes, type "vertical landscapes" into the "Keywords" box at bottom and don't check off anything else - same for masters (eg. Monet, Turner, Renoir, Manet, etc.)
  3. When you check "frames" in Classification, don't forget to check "Frame Inner Size" (appears only after you check frames)
  4. In Classification, you can see all works on canvas, or only those that are framed or unframed
  5. In Classification, you can see posters for rent or purchase
  6. Number of items in any search (results found) is shown on the left side of the page under Search Criteria Bar - if too many results, hit Search Criteria bar & select an additional Category & hit submit will reduce the number of results to speed up your search
  7. Use the "Groupings" box at bottom if you want only multiples - related pieces - same size, frame, look, etc. - it works with artwork, frames, framed objects, mirrors, sculptures, etc.
  8. Selecting multiple boxes in Category and Classification narrows your search - eg. checking both Abstract & Black & White yields less search results, while also selecting Groupings give you even less.
  9. Click on any piece to see the details and all related items to that piece - and to enlarge the piece or use the circle magnifier for better detail. You can even see the piece in different light conditions - once you hit the enlarge button, there is a background dimness bar
  10. Once you click submit, the Search Criteria bar disappears, but you can always click back on it and the original boxes checked reappear - you can uncheck (expand your search) or check additional boxes (narrows the search) without having to start a new search