Rental Information

Rental Policy

Our entire collection of artwork is cleared for release and a release form is always issued upon every rental, as required. The “Owner of Artwork” form represents that, to the best of our knowledge, we have the authority and right, either as the owner of public domain works and/or the authorized representative of the artwork or consent of the agent of the owner, publisher, distributor, artist and/or licensor, to grant this release specifically for the intended use of set dressing.

The rental fee of all items found on our website is 20% of the retail cost for a time period of up to 2 weeks. This should accommodate your production schedules as it is our policy to allow for longer than the traditional weekly rental rate charged by most providers. Long term rentals of more than 2 weeks are priced at 40%. Taxes are applicable to all rentals.

If purchasing a rental piece from our collection we will then deduct the rental fee from the original retail price.

Out-of-Province Rental Policy

"Packing charges for shipped artwork via common carrier will be as billed based on carrier charges.

The rental period begins the day we receive your order request and ends upon the reception of all artwork back at our location. Our rental rate is 20% of the retail price and covers a two-week rental period.


The insurance certificate for the production company must be provided including transit coverage naming The Allen Gallery.


Items that have sustained damage to the frame or artwork will be subject to purchase minus the rental fee. Alternatively a charge may be applied to restore the piece (i.e. reframing or canvas repairs, if possible) to its original condition. Depreciation of artwork due to damage, which lessens the saleability and inherent value of said works will be calculated at a minimum of 20-50% added to the restoration cost.

Additional charges

If desired, glass may be removed prior to rental. The glass will be removed within house by our trained staff for the safety and longevity of the artwork. A minimal charge will apply. We are flexible with changing frames to meet your requirements; the cost will be determined based on frame selection.

Subject To Availability

All items found on our website are subject to availability.