How To Order
  1. Go to Virtual Gallery or What's New
  2. From Virtual Gallery, click Search Criteria bar at top
  3. Enter search criteria and hit submit
  4. Number of results is shown at top left - hit Search Criteria bar to modify search
  5. Click on any piece - if available, click "add to cart" - then click "Go Back" to go back to the search - or click Virtual Gallery to start a new search
  6. When you select an unframed work on canvas, once in the cart, you can add a frame on one click (with only those frames that match the size of the canvas selected) - so you don't need to add a frame for an unframed canvas until you get to cart
  7. When done, click the cart in the top right
  8. You can remove any art you don't want - if satisfied, click "Proceed to Checkout"
  9. Enter your contact info - it re-populates after the first order to avoid re-entering info
  10. Don't forget to add the set name in the big box at end....then click submit - a copy of the order with pictures is emailed to you immediately - with the rental price for a 2 week short term rental - 2 weeks from the pickup date - at 20% of list
  11. We will send an invoice (with a copy of the order and a clearance release) and artwork will be ready on the pickup date you selected
  12. You will get an email 2 weeks after the pickup date to see if you want to extend the order on those pieces not yet returned - extensions to a long term rental are at 20% for up to another 10 weeks